About my shop, products and services

Vintage Leather is located in Bloomington, Indiana.  You are invited to stop by and see my leather shop
and samples of my work and products, but it is best to let me know when you are coming by.

All repairs and finished products are hand crafted.  None of the finished products are manufactured by
other companies or mass produced.  This personalized service provides you with items that have their
own character, uniqueness and quality.

I specialize in period leather goods such as reenactment accessories and other early American leather
items.  I also make more modern and traditional items such as bags, belts, wallets, clothing and
decorative items.
Various reenactment events and festivals that Wayne participates in:

Conner Long Rifles                    Noblesville, IN                web site:     
Lore of the Laughery                 Friendship, IN                 web site:     nmlra.org         
Spirit of Vincennes                    Vincennes, IN                 web site:     spiritofvincennes.org
ft deChartres                               Prairie du Rocher, IL    web site:     ftdechartres.com   
Spring Shoot NMLRA                 Friendship, IN                 web site:     nmlra.org
Fair at New Boston                    Springfield, IL                 web site:     grcha.org
NMLRA Fall Shoot                       Friendship, IN                 web site:     nmlra.org
Feast of the Hunters Moon       Lafayette, IN                   web site:     tcha.mus.in.us/feast.htm
Mississinewa 1812                    Marion, IN                        web site:    mississinewa1812.com
ft Massac                                      Metropolis, IL                 web site:    metropolistourism.com
Muster on the Wabash              Vincennes, IN                 web site:   spiritofvincennes.org    

Participation by Vintage Leather will vary depending on schedules and other activities
  • All items are hand-made or repaired by me and I can't rush my work; so please be patient.

  • Leathers and other materials are purchased regionally.

  • Leather materials and finished products vary in color, texture and availability.
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